A LEGEND IS BORN... "A Ghostly Experience" had its beginnings is 1994 when a local historian named Sandy Craig decided that visiting overnight school field trip groups needed a fun, educational evening activity. She joined forces with several local writers and researchers to develop a tour based on ghosts and other strange occurrences in St. Augustine. Together they guided guests along narrow brick streets by lantern, searching for the supernatural. These tours became a tremendous overnight success and "A Ghostly Experience" was born...  THE REST AS THEY SAY, IS HISTORY!

Today, Ghost Tours of St. Augustine is part of Tour Saint Augustine Inc., and employs over 40 professional storytellers who continue to study and uncover even more haunting tales of the town's dark history. All of our stories are researched through historic libraries, old church documents, diaries and personal interviews. Nothing is made up nor exaggerated, and there are no "effects" used on tours... if you have a Ghostly Experience while out there with us, you'll know its real!

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 Taken in 2008 by a guest on tour near the Castillo, there was NO ONE standing here in period costume where this apparition appeared! It was also actually witnessed

by several guests as the camera flashed...